50 Cent Closes The Gap On Kanye West

clipped from melodyplant.com
Yep, it’s all about the sales and the money for the BLING. But tell you what Kanye would not be the one to lose his sleep over record sales (though he would like if his sales beat his rivals), he’s just a cool customer with such things. Where as 50 Cent is someone whose got a bad temperament, he is the one whose been barking like a mad dog over the rivalry in the days preceding the release of the album. Am glad kanye west is beating 50 cent. 5o is too cocky and immature and he needs to be taught a lesson. Kanye won’t even come out with a statement regarding his record sales and 50 Cents, I know he would have known by now that he is catching up, so maybe right this moment he’ll be planning his next assault and prove he is one jerk of an ass that needs to be thrown out of our music world.
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