Beyonce Cancels Tour

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Gwen Stefani was willing to yield for the Muslims but Beyonce is not having it. Her Kuala Lumpur concert that was supposed to take place on November 1 has been canceled due to protests by Muslim groups. These Muslims are very hardcore people and they always have objections to stage show performances by international artist. Gwen might have made some prior commitments so she just went through the routines during her show in Kuala Lumpur but I am more of the Beyonce thought that if you are not going to be able to perform as your usual self then there is no point in doing the show. If y’all remember Gwen had some strict rules to abide by such as no hugging or kissing audience members, no jumping or shouting, and no revealing clothing. Beyonce is too diva to let anyone tell her what she can’t do, wear or say.
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