Shakira Hits the Books at UCLA

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Shakira already knows how to put out a hit record – but now she’s tackling an even bigger subject: the history of western civilization. Isn’t this piece of news something so different from what we all have being listening, viewing, reading for so many days now. News of the MTV VMAs where singers just boozed, parties, broke relations, fought with each other, gave bad performances bla bla bla. With so much happening isn’t it so cool of Shakira to sit down and learn something that’s worthy of a mention. While everyone else has been at the beach, the MTV Awards and the Emmys, Shakira’s been studying History of Western Civilization all summer at UCLA. I think this is absolutely cool thing that she has enrolled herself into, instead of wasting time and energy of wasteful matter she’s decide that there is time for better things in life and she is utilizing that time for something good, babes you rock!
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